Vocal and fax OsiDial servers handle in Poland at least 150 000 phone calls every day

OSIDIAL and UniCTI - the voice and telephony company management system - is a suggestion of professional telecommunication solutions for companies, that the OSIMATIC company offers since 1990.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New functionality in modules: Voice Mail and Fax Server!

The voice mail and fax server modules have been combined to create a multimedia center handling voice, fax and e-mail messages in the uniform way. See the detailed specification of functions offerred by the OsiDial multimedia center.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New module: Uniwersal Call Manager!

The Uniwersal CTI package has been equipped with a new module Call Manager. It is intended is to supervise the indicated calling groups and redirecting calls to the specified subscribers or groups, according to the previously defined criteria/rules. It is possible to configure multiple groups with different criteria, and if no rule is met for any group the call is redirected to the default subscriber/group. At present the following redirecting rules are available: executing a query in a database if the query result is not empty the call is redirected, otherwise it remains in the default group. The rule can have the following parameters: the calling subscribers number and/or the called number. Additional parameters will be implemented in future for example the calling subscribers preferences that will be passed by the OsiDial program. The call will be passed only to the appropriate subscribers/groups . The second available rule is based on the called number depending on the called number the calls are redirected to different calling groups.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New: additional voice mail functions!

The voice mail module from the OsiDial package has been expanded with additional functions. The fax mail has been fully integrated: storing and sending fax documents. The uniform message management by phone has been introduced: it i possible to obtain information on the number and delivery time of the particular fax messages, receive fax messages from the owned mailbox during a phone call and/or redirect them to another number on the cost of the fax server. In addition its possible to check the number of received e-mail messages. The subscriber can look up the date and time of the message delivery, its size and, if the SAPI-compatible speech synthesis client is installed, hear its contents. The renewed module also contains enhancements in the area of notification of newly arrived messages. The traditional method (the LED diode and/or the different dialing tone) has been enriched by the information through the e-mail and/or SMS. Then the subscriber is informed on new messages even when outside the office. The e-mail notification can additionally contain the voice or fax message itself as an attachment. Finally the voice mail module has been equipped with the integrated WWW interface. Now the user can access the following functions from any place in the world: hearing/reading the received voice/fax messages, managing them i.e. archiving and deleting. It is also possible to remotely configure the voice/fax box. The system administrator can remotely manage all accounts and has access to the statistical information on incoming, outgoing and fax calls.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New: Components for software developers!

Our offer has been recently expanded with components for programmers, facilitating the creation of applications using the Microsoft Telephony API (TAPI) and Microsoft Messaging API (MAPI) programming interfaces. The components let the programmers easily access many interfaces and functions without the necessity of studying the intricate Platform SDK documentation. The features mentioned above make the integration of existing applications with telephony and e-mail easier and faster. The components are designed for use with Borland C++ Builder 5 or 6.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New: New functions in UniversalObserver!

The new version of the Observer program has been equipped with additional charging functions. Apart from the existing time limits imposed on the particular kinds of outgoing calls, charging amount limits were added. That function makes it easy to specify the upper limit of expenses for a particular subscriber. The sums are calculated based on current phone rates, connection time or charging impulses received from the telephony operator. If there are no free resources the call is not estabilished or it is disconnected and the phone displays an appropriate message.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New: Program uctcTapi - single user edition!

We have published the uctcTapi program. It is the single-user edition of the UniwersalCTI client. To work properly, the telephony Tapi driver on the target computer is required. Download.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New!: New possibilities of UniwersalObserver!

The newest version of the Observer application has been equipped with functions used for controlling subscribers' rights. At present the application verifies if the particular user has the right to estabilish a call and the maximum time of outgoing call, depending on the kind of the call: internal, local, long-distance, international, to the cellular or computer network. The Observer's open architecture makes it easy to define new kinds of calls. If the users rights are insufficient the call is not estabilished or it is disconnected and the phone displays an appropriate message.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New module: UniversalObserver!

The UniversalCTI package has been equipped with the new important module that extends the integration of computer and telephony networks. The application monitors the state of all telephone devices in the company. The gathered information is saved and can be used for statistical purposes or generating reports. Some information can be accessed remotely through a WWW server.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New version of Universal CTI now available!

The 3-rd version of our UniCTI application is now available. The application user interface has been completely redesigned and its functionality has been extended. Furthermore the UniCTI software is now more tightly integrated with other Osimatic products.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New product: The Universal Messaging Server

The UMS is an application that can work as a standalone program or a module integrated with the UniversalCTI software package. It enables users to send fax documents from any application that resides on a machine with the UniCTI client. For incoming calls it acts like a voice/fax mail application.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New! ACD agents support in the UniCTI

The newest version of the CTI server implements functions that handle the ACD agent stations. So now, it is possible for the client applications to log on and log off the agents and manipulate their status, for example: busy, ready or under construction. All the new functionality is also available for application developers through our  visual component.

wb01539_.gif (682 bytes) New: The UniCTI version for software developers

Presently, the software developers can easily integrate their products with the CTI server. Adding the dialing function to any MS Windows application is now easier than ever before. The visual components in RAD programming environments let the developer create a full CTI client application in just one hour.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) Telekomunikacja Polska has chosen OsiDial again

Telekomunkacja Polska S.A. company has launched another voice server OsiDial, handling 60 telephone lines. After 3 years of using our information server the TP S.A. company has bought another license to enable our services in other regions of Poland.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New product: Telephony and computer network integration!

The UniCTI application is designed to integrate telecommunication and computer networks in companies. The application consists of the CTI server module, that communicates with the PABX, the database server and the client module to be installed on the users' machines. The CTI server is connected to the PABX through a specialized interface, compatible with the PC telephony standard. It is also connected to the local network through the network card supporting TCP/IP protocol. UniCTI doesn't require any additional software for communicating with the PABX. As always in the Osimatic company, our product is fully polish. Every line of its code is written by polish programmers.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New: The WWW server

The standard OsiDial pack presently contains the WWW server allowing to remotely change the OsiDial server parameters directly from any Web browser

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New: The serial outcalling module!

The new module allows to perform a series of calls using a previously prepared list of phone numbers. After estabilishing the connection a voice information is given the addressee, that can be optionally confirmed by pressing a phone key. The new functions are extremely helpful when building nofification, alarming, monitoring, or polling systems.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New: OsiDial and MS Speech API integration

The Integration allows the OsiDial application to use any SAPI compatible text-to-speech conversion engine. Presently, the users can access the time-dependent text information, in their fauvorite language, now also Polish. The contents of databases, incoming e-mail etc., can now be heard by phone.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New: The OsiDial support for the voice recognition system

OsiDial is presently fully integrated with the voice recognition system, licensed from France Telecom. The system recognizes the discrete speech, that means words from a previously defined dictionary.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) The TP S.A. company has chosen OsiDial!

The TP S.A. company has run the OsiDial voice server, handling 150 telephone lines. The server manages all recorder services. The Application Generator and the OsiStudio program have been installed on demand of the company. These applications allow the user to update the audio recordings and create new, interactive information services.

wb01539_.gif (682 octets) New: The OsiDial support for MAPI

The MAPI client has been included into the OsiDial pack. It will be very helpful to distribute incoming fax documents via e-mail in the LAN network. Furthermore, all information left in the voice box can be sent back to appropriate addressees, that now don't have to use their phones to hear the voice mail.

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